Fastline Technical Services : Is an independent Omani company dealing with Product & Services covering Oil& Gas, EPC , Power & Water Industries focused on helping meet the increasing energy requirements of growing Oman economies. We invest, develop, build, own and operate innovative and cost-competitive product & services to serve companies in Oman & The projects throughout the energy supply chain, while maintaining constant attention to our role as a responsible corporate citizen.

In Oil &Gas ,EPC & Power sector, our activities are concentrated on provision of support & services to the all the major companies dealing in oil and gas , EPC & Power sector on and around the Oman.

We are also constantly evaluating other projects and technologies to help our client to solve their needs.

Although we are less than a decade old, we are ambitious and rapidly growing. In just for few years, we have successfully established , completed & supported to many clients in Oman e.g. PDO , OXY , BP , Galfar , STST , Worley Parson , Daleel & Many more for their key projects in Oman.

Our Vision

To apply industry best practices to do the business in Oman ; To create value for our people, shareholders and community; to promote the responsible use of oil and gas , EPC , Power based Product & Services and the resources for the sustainable environmental and economic development of the host country; to develop world-class industry professionals.Our main vision is to be recognized as the best materials supplier and services provider to the clients in terms of the quality, time and safety.

Our Mission

To be Omanis’s leading indigenous oil and gas based company to deliver the best Products & services in terms of cost, schedule delivery and quality to our clients. To improve their asset and efficiency and business profitability.

Our Values and Business Objectives

Create and maintain the good relation with the clients for trust and integrity. Deliver services in terms of quality, business and improved business performance.


This company was built based on my experience in PDO (Petroleum Development Oman) which is the largest company in Oman and one of the shell group.

Our Main Task

To provide an accurate and perfect service for our customers from all aspects. Accordingly we test our workforce thoroughly at the time of application. Motivation and professional commitment are decisive.
To ensure the best quality and fast delivery
To obtain achieving high target of business every year


Our Products

We can offer the following Equipments / Products

  • Wellhead Equipments
  • Electrical Equipments
  • Choke Valves
  • Control Valves
  • General Valves
  • Chemicals
  • Pipe Fittings
  • Services

Contact Address

Al-Ghubrah South – Ghala Street
Sultanate of Oman

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